This blog is written by Victor Maristane, and he has no idea of what he wants with that. As well as he has no idea of why is he talking in the third person. But it seems to be the “about” pages’ standard, so be it.

A proper definition to this blog would be “a stash of bullshit someone, who clearly doesn’t know how to enjoy his free time very well, decides to show or say to the world”, but that defines almost every single blog ever created in the whole history of mankind.  Maybe because this blog is just another blog like many others. If it is of any help, something that can be said is this is a blog about art. Until some time ago, just Victor Maristane’s art, but he thought that was too egocentric, so he’s been working on making this a blog about art in general.

Lastly, what’s left to say is that Victor Maristane appreciated very much to talk in third person, and he wants to thank your interest in knowing what the hell is this blog about.

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  1. OMFG i´ve just discovered your blog and i just LOVE IT!! :D you´re such a great artist!!

    • Victor Maristane

      Thank you =P, although I think I still have a very long way till I become really “great” ^^.

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