Term “ambigram” added to english dictionaries!

Hey, guys, what’s up =D? I’ve got very interesting news for ambigram appreciators who pass by around here. In March 24 of 2011 (last thursday), the term ambigram has begun to effectively be officialized on the english language, by being included in the Oxford’s English Dictionary. The complete list of new words can be seen here (there’s even OMG and LOL on the abbreviations list, very cool =) ). No, it’s not an April’s Fool joke, and there’s no reason it should be one =P.

The news started to spread in March 28, in on the Ambigram Magazine website, simply the most important one about those fascinating “magic words”. Several of the new words were already in use for a long time, the “ambigram” itself already existed since the 80’s, coined by Douglas Hofstadter.

The officialization of the word ambigram on the english language is very gratifying for all “ambigramists” (that one will take even longer to be accepted =P) on the world. We’re no longer doing some very crazy stuff with words that nobody can understand what it is, we’re making ambigrams, and if someone doesn’t know what it is, look for it on the dictionary =D.

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