Why So Serious?

I know everybody is sick of hearing, seeing and speaking about the latest joker, played by Heath Ledger, but this idea was wandering in my mind since some time, and today I started sketching it to see if it would work out well. It did.

Why so Serious?

Cool, huh =P? My first and only contacts with this kind of…. ambigram, I guess I can call it so, were in an advertising campaign of Veja, a brazilian magazine, under the slogan “Get both sides“, designed by the AlmapBDDO agency.

"Get both sides" Campaign

I think I’ll make some other illustrations like this soon  :).

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Comments (7)

  1. ebil

    can i use it as a sticker on my car?

    • Victor Maristane

      For personal use its completely ok, feel free to put it in your car ;). And If you could send me a picture of the sticker later I’d be very glad :).

  2. Prafulla chandra

    that was awesome…all of it…..

  3. Daniel

    May i use this in an art piece that im workin on for school? :)
    brilliant work btw…

  4. moi


    I saw a tee of your why so serious? great job at but now I cannot find where to by it, can you help me?

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